Redis Journal offers interesting reading for those who are curious about sustainable fashion and unique style.
For those who see a value in circular economy and care about the environment. Redis Journal provides practical advice for clothing and style, short interviews with stylish and inspiring women and educational reading on the environment.
Redis @ Antonius Fashion Show

Marilind ja Maarja Johanna

Meet the models of SEERIA_01

Podcast "Loomeka lood" 

Saates on külas seekord taaskasutusbrändi REDIS looja Key Külaots

Rohegeenius kirjutab Redisest

Stylish and saving: New Estonian brand Redis sews clothes for women from recycled men's clothing

Redis - nii peenras kui seljas

Vegan ajakirja suvisest numbrist saab muuhulgas lugeda, mida Redis arvab moetööstuse tulevikust

Mitte ühtegi uut rõivast maailma juurde

What if we decided not to produce any new clothing to the world for a while?