Redis is a clothing brand that saves the environment. We do not produce new clothes to the world, but we create clothes for you from already existing materials by redesigning them with different techniques. We offer you a modern and unique style, because all products are created only once.

With our clothes, you can cut down the harmful environmental impact of the fashion industry, because Redis' way of creating clothes is free of water and air pollution. In addition, we reduce textile waste in this way.

Redis looks at the future and cares about the environment. Our goal is to raise people's awareness and make their consumption habits more responsible and sustainable.


Redis is for a self-aware woman, who dares to be genuine and original without pretending to be so. She is curious, likes to experiment and take risks. Sometimes she might make mistakes but she learns from it and enjoys the process. She does not run along blindly with new trends, she takes a moment to think, and when she picks up something, she adjusts it to suit her style. Clothing is a way of expressing her personality, uniqueness and values.

Radish is small but very beneficial, giving each dish more character and spice. In the same way, we add character and taste to unused clothes so that they can find new loyal users again
Re + Design = Redesign = Redis
Just as your clothing speaks about your personality, our brand name says briefly and excellently that we redesign clothes
Are you ready - Are you Redis?
We are ready to make the environment cleaner and reduce waste from the fashion industry.
Are you Redis?
"I admire women, whose clothes have character and a personal identity. I like to combine different materials and textures, a modern minimalism with rich handicrafts, sporty with elegant classics, feminine features with masculine ones. I wish more and more women dared to express themselves freely through clothing and found their own style.

- Key Külaots, REDIS Founder & Designer
A typical representative of the twins zodiac sign, who must experience the punctuality of the business world and the chaos of creation in order to reach equilibrium. Key's lifepath in short: Coming from a family of tailors and photographers of several generations, then studying natural science in primary school, arts in high school, then a master's degree in international management. Worked as the head of the internal audit unit of the bank's Baltic division, later a wedding decorator and stylist. A brave and creative woman, who listens to her inner voice and pours all her knowledge and experience into her passion for fashion. Loves recycling, sea salt chocolate, honest people. Key has created Redis to offer environmentally conscious women the opportunity to express themselves through unique clothing.